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Etisalat employees list

The Global Mobility Trends Survey, which polled more than 2, expatriates working in countries, showed that employee expectations are sometimes not met, especially in the areas of repatriation, communication, and language and cultural awareness. The findings suggest that employers need to do more to help expats prepare themselves culturally and ease their transition into working in the Middle East, as well as communicate with them more frequently.

etisalat employees list

The study carried out by Cigna Global Health Benefits and the National Foreign Trade Council NFTCseeks to gather insights into the needs of the globally mobile population, better understand what they and their families value and how they perceive the benefit packages and programmes offered to them.

Among the respondents in Mena, only a quarter 25 per cent said they had received language training prior to moving to another country, while a third 34 per cent said they had undergone cross-cultural training. Expats in the region also feel that employers need to better communicate with their staff prior to and during their deployment. A fifth said communications need to be more frequent and personal.

Nearly a quarter 24 per cent believed that more frequent communication and more personalization was needed to optimize the way their employers communicated programme features and services before and during assignment.

Many believed that more follow-ups during assignment and periodic updates of changes in benefits programs was required. BAhous, executive director of Damana, a multiline insurance company. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. How To. Friday, April 17, All Sections. Areas of dissatisfaction Among the respondents in Mena, only a quarter 25 per cent said they had received language training prior to moving to another country, while a third 34 per cent said they had undergone cross-cultural training.

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etisalat employees list

Latest local and global Coronavirus news directly to your inbox. More From Employment. How to calculate UAE gratuity pay. Expo What is the approach to short-term hiring. Fresh grad advice: 5 common CV pitfalls to avoid.

How to stay healthy, lose weight in Ramadan. Ramadan: 9 ways to be hydrated without drinking water. Latest In. Saudi mufti: Ramadan evening, Eid prayers to be at home 4 minutes ago. England World Cup winner dies of coronavirus 11 minutes ago. Qatar announces new coronavirus cases 22 minutes ago. PSL star Hales healthy after isolation, says Iqbal 29 minutes ago.

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Register for Personal Register for Business. Effective utilization of company resources to positively impact community development. Sustainable and constant social contribution through strategic partnerships to increase Etisalat community advancement. Strong motivation and engagement of employees to connect with the community.

Etisalat world. My Etisalat Now manage your Etisalat account on the move. My Etisalat Account. Personal Business. Register for Personal Register for Business Already a customer? Corporate Social Responsibility at Etisalat Misr Etisalat is a global company that takes to heart the cultures, traditions and ways of life in all the markets in which we operate. Our connection with our customers across the world runs deeper than mere business associations.

We are committed to helping shape and build communities, and improving livelihoods and aspirations for the future. We believe that our success can only follow the success of the people and economies we actively support. While our services and technologies keep customers connected, we also have initiatives that keep people well and healthy and open doors for learning and exploring new opportunities.

We help people develop their businesses, enhance relationships, come up with fresh ideas, and keep abreast of rapid changes.

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Etisalat Misr is committed to make a concrete difference in communities and bring value to its environment. Information and Communication Technologies are key while dealing with sustainability challenges. It is an on-going commitment for us. Our CSR program multiple initiatives share the hopes and dreams of our communities and help overcome problems that hinder progress, prosperity, and wellbeing; our community reach is not limited by distance.

Corporate Social Responsibility Technology Effective utilization of company resources to positively impact community development. Health Sustainable and constant social contribution through strategic partnerships to increase Etisalat community advancement. Responsible Employee Strong motivation and engagement of employees to connect with the community.

Please give us feedback OK.For You. Start Salary Survey. Salary Research. By Company. Salary Negotiation Guide. Career Advice. For Your Business. Get a Demo. Price a Job for Free. Compensation Software. Insight Lab. Compensation Advice. Comp Communication. Compensation Research. Comp Best Practices. Original PayScale Research. College Salary Report. United Arab Emirates. Salary Show Hourly Rate. Bonus Reviews Benefits.Human Resource Management is a major function in an organization.

HRM focuses on the recruitment, management and providing direction for the people who work in an organization. When an organization sets its vision they provide the first priority to the workforce of the company.

It means providing the right job to the right person at the right time. There is a direct link to the organization performance and the HRM of a business. When a company engages into an effective human resource management it leads to improved employment commitment, lowering the levels of absenteeism provides higher levels of skills in the employees leading to higher productivity and enhanced quality of efficiency Golding N, HR audit is one of the most important tools for management control.

It is essential to assess the performance along with the success of a HR management of an organization. Etisalat is a leading telecom operator in the UAE. It believes that there is a high need for investments so that they could build networks in future.

The Human Resource department at Emirates Telecommunications Corporation Etisalatfocuses on making its organization to be prepared to meet and also to overcome the challenges they face. The main strategy of the organization is become the biggest and top telecom company of in the world. Therefore the main emphasis of the company is developing the skills of the employees by providing adequate training and development.

etisalat employees list

This leads to the growth of the employees and the company as well and also provides international expertise Company Website, The quality of the HR functions in an organization is one of the most essential factors that decide the success and failure in organization. It is important that each functional area in the HRM works towards the progress of the organization. The HR audit section is depicted as follows:. The major HRM functional areas of operation in Etisalat are as follows:. HRIS is an intersection between the human resources of an organization with the information technology through the HR software.

The activities and processes are carried electronically through this process. The main goal of Etisalat in UAE is to provide continued commitment to build the success of its employees and company from the past years.

HR Compliance undertakes the evaluation of the operational policies of the employee relations at Etisalat. The company maintains confidentiality of all the matters related to the employees in the organization. They make sure that the company stands compliant with the employment related laws and regulations.

They provide all benefits and perks to its employees to maintain healthy relationships with them Staff Report, They remain committed at the vision of continuous development of the their people in order to support their career growth and also reach to their business objectives.

They do not face much of HR issues as they stay ahead with the changing times and remain competitive. Etisalat ensures success with higher people strengths as they select the right people in the organization and provide them with the best working environment so that they deliver the best results Ehab Abhusabha, Etisalat conducts an annual forum, which serves as a platform for the Group to come together globally and to celebrate with their people and the company.

Etisalat is a one of the most reputed telecom company in UAE. People development and career growth is highly appreciated. Therefore the success rate of the company is higher.

The transfer of 4 employees from "Etisalat Egypt" to the State Security Prosecution

The company should continuously invest in training and development of its employees locally sourced so that it ensures long-term objectives are achieved and also extend its existing corporate culture.

Armstrong, Michael, and Angela Baron Managing Performance, retrieved from Performance Management in Action. CIPD Publishing. Golding, N.

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Several large Chinese and foreign corporations operate there. The spread of the virus is predicted to have a damaging effect on the economy, and many businesses in the area have suspended operations in an attempt to contain the virus. A nearly-deserted expressway in Wuhan on January 24, Associated Press. The outbreak and quarantines came in the run-up to the Lunar New Year holidays, one of the busiest times for shopping, travel, and eating out in China.

As a result, the travel, hotel, and restaurant industries are most likely to be impacted by the virus, The Hollywood Reporter saidciting forecasters. Didi, the Chinese ride-sharing service, also said it would halt services in Wuhan on at noon on Friday — the day before the first day of the Lunar New Year — at the request of local authorities, the SCMP said.

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A branch of McDonald's in China. It will also monitor the temperature of all employees and send home all those who show symptoms of the virus, such as cold or fever, McDonald's said. Swedish furniture store Ikea also temporarily closed its store, which employs people, last Thursday over concerns for workers' and customers' health, the SCMP reported. Dongfeng is the third-largest car manufacturer in China.

Honda told The Japan Times on Sunday it would evacuate 30 Japanese staff, family members, and employees on business trips in Wuhan. Over the weekend, French auto conglomerate Groupe PSA — whose brands include Peugeot and Citroen — announced it would evacuate employees and their families from Wuhan and quarantine them in another unnamed Chinese city, before ultimately bringing them back to France, the Associated Press reported.

It's not clear whether the other auto companies in the region have plans to evacuate employees or shut down businesses. It's not clear whether it will resume operations after the holiday. Big manufacturing companies operating in the area include German multinational conglomerate Siemens,Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, and the electronic component maker BOE Technology Group.

Siemens said the company "adheres to the guidance from relevant authorities, and has furthermore put in place a series of measures to protect the health of our workforce," according to the SCMP. It is not clear what the series of measures is, or whether the company will later suspend operations. Empty streets in Wuhan. PwC staff who returned from China in the last two weeks were asked to work from home for three weeks, and they were told to use virtual meetings for clients who have been in China recently.

Facebook also asked staff not to visit China and to work from home if they had traveled there. WeWork closed 70 of its locations in China, per a statement on the office company's website. Wuhan, which is home to 11 million people, is one of China's largest cities. Apart from being an industrial center, it's also known as a large travel hub due to its central location. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.

It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.Etisalat employees have a smile on their faces for two reasons — the telecom provider scooped the award for Innovation in Employee Engagement at the most recent HR Summit in Dubai, while a new survey revealed 90 per cent of staff are proud to work at the company and 84 per cent report a high level of job satisfaction.

At an early stage, some people confuse employee engagement and satisfaction, but in reality it is the relationship between the employee and the company and therefore it is the responsibility of both parties.

The market has become very dynamic, and Al Nuaimi believes that whereas once it would be acceptable to take five years to enact change, now things need to change very rapidly — which posed challenges in terms of changing employee mindsets. It empowers staff and invites them to submit their feedback through multiple channels such as surveys, focus groups, opinion polls and a staff suggestion scheme.

The feedback is used to enhance, develop and expand the programme. Annual events such as Wellness Week, Spirit of Happiness Week, and Travel Week are made possible by the feedback received, in addition to mechanisms that provide staff with both incentive- and non-incentive-based rewards.

Our response rate has also increased by 20 per cent in three years, demonstrating genuine staff involvement within the company. Additionally, almost 90 per cent of staff believe that senior leadership is committed to providing high quality products and services to external customers; and the majority of employees say Etisalat sets clear performance standards for product and service quality.

HRM Audit At Etisalat Telecom

One of many initiatives for included the Spot Recognition Award. Any member of staff can give reward points to colleagues, which can be converted into credit for their mobile bill payments, or to buy an iPhone or laptop etc. It means the wellness programme has become more holistic; not only does it provide free health check-ups for employees, but also gives staff the chance to attend professional talks on stress management and financial planning, as well as ensuring employees are offered healthy food from a specialist provider.

Wellness is no longer a topic that is only examined for one week a year — there are now three annual wellness events with interim activities. Team activity day has also been important in increasing engagement.

HR allocates budgets to departments which are entrusted to spend on an activity that benefits all members of the team — even the contingent workforce. Because engagement is treated as a prime business initiative, it has become key to driving performance and the achievement of corporate objectives. Guidance setting out a framework of management behaviours and competences to build employee engagement.

A collection of thought pieces offering perspectives on employee engagement based on different areas of activity. Home News and insights Case study: How Etisalat has nurtured highly engaged employees.

Explore our related content. Guides Managing for sustainable employee engagement Guidance setting out a framework of management behaviours and competences to build employee engagement. The future of voice Exploring new ways of thinking about voice in the workplace. Reports The future of engagement: thought piece collection A collection of thought pieces offering perspectives on employee engagement based on different areas of activity.

Join the conversation.Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. United States 24 reviews. Ratings by category. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Found 24 reviews matching the search. They will through you to the sea with no life jacket to learn you how to swim, passed with a hard and soft days but in general I have learned alot and was really amazing journey.

Was this review helpful? Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link. Am paid in time but little money that can feed me and my family. I work as a helper to help in civil work,eg digging, working hours a not limited they keep in changing,am a hard working person and friend to everyone.

Good place to start or continue a carrier. Fun place at work, Good pay rate. Opportunity to grow within the industry. Etisalat is an equal opportunity. Yes 3 No. I was worked as customer service and sales representative pay lines and solve problems of lines help customers to get their products and services follow the process of buying a new product.

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